Since being firstly introduced in Japan by INOAC in 1954, polyurethane foam has become an essential industrial material.

Polyol and isocyanate are the main raw materials of polyurethane foam. The materials of the foam can be altered depending on the application by incorporating other chemicals and mixing at room temperature. The foam is processed in used in a wide range of applications including: cushioning, heat insulation, and sound absorption.

Foam Characteristics

  • Lightweight, with high tensile and other physical strengths.
  • Excellent cushioning.
  • Excellent stability in water chemically
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • A wide assortment of hardness, densities, and colorings, as well as a variety of secondary processing’s, can be selected.

Environmental Policy

Panafrica Enterprises Limited attach maximum importance to matters concerning the environment.

Our policy is to meet and where practical, exceed all relevant regulatory requirements and to minimize any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of the company’s activities or products.

We continually assess the environmental impact of our operations and through minimizing the use of materials and resources, we reduce our wastage to the lowest practical level.

Products being designed in such a way as to minimize their environmental effects in production, usage and disposal.

Consideration always being given to the environmental effects of our raw materials sourcing and wherever possible we will use materials and components that can be recycled.

Through strategic planning, we will minimize the environmental effect of new developments and aim to include environmental considerations in investment decisions.

Employee involvement in environmental matters is encouraged at all levels and will be promoted through training communication and a constant reappraisal of working methods and techniques.

Our environmental management system provides for the setting and publication of our objectives and targets and it is our aim to secure a continual improvement in environmental performance.