Comfy Foam Mattress:

Available in different range.One of the most selling mattress in the African market. This type of mattress is made by high quality polyurethane foam mattress.


Because of its optimum density, Comfy as an instrinsic ‘push up’ property for the right support.

When you lie down on a mattress, your body temperature soon affects the materials, and the mattress adopt to the contour of your body relieving pressure points of arms, hips, knees and heels. The weight of your body is evenly distributed giving you optimum comfort. (50 density), Gold (40 density), Silver(30 density) and Comfy normal (23 density).


The higher density, the better the material in terms of comfort and durability.

All comfy mattress backed by warranty against the manufacturing defect, because it’s extensive research and scientifically – proven Technology to offer quality and comfort, It’s incredibly light-weight, making it convenient to carry, shift and store.