Comfy Orthopaedic Trusted Back Support

Comfy Orthopedic (Medical) Trusted Back Support, Rebounded high density foam mattress best solution for back-ache.

It is designed to support the spine and joints and to improve the posture.
Inner layers of re-bonded foam acts as the ideal support system for your back-ache, the top to bottom with exclusive upholstery designed to extend comfort life and minimize body impressions.

Especially suitable for residents apartments, hospitals ; since orthopedic mattresses have that distinctive characteristic of being firm, doctors have continually been advising their patients to rest on orthopedic mattresses after surgeries or when hospitalized for a long time due to fractured bones.

What are the Benefits of Orthopedic Mattresses?

Advanced Sleep Support
Manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses take into consideration various factors while designing an orthopedic mattress. Primary among these is an ergonomic design that supports the contours of the body, body weight and the spine. When you buy an orthopedic mattress from a reliable manufacturer, you are guaranteed advanced sleep support keeping in mind the physiology of the human body, which cannot be assured with regular mattresses.

Lumbar Support
As mentioned before; the orthopedic mattress promises better lumbar or spinal support. This is because manufacturers strive to create firm memory foam mattresses that do not sink under your weight causing your spine to curve. 8 hours of sleep with your spine in a curved position can do serious damage to your back over a prolonged period of time. Spinal support is one the primary benefits of orthopedic mattresses and this quality is adequately advertised by manufacturers and mattress brands.

Uninterrupted Sleep
Uninterrupted sleep is a much sought after benefit of orthopedic mattresses. With a regular mattress; you are bound to shift or turn over multiple times to find the best spot on your mattress. Wherever you shift; a depression is created and your body ultimately responds to the pressure on your spine forcing you to unconsciously shift to a different spot. This repeats itself over the course of the night and definitely causes disturbance in the sleep. A particularly poor quality regular mattress may have the direct effect of restlessness and cause undue stress to your spine and muscles. Overall, eliminating any restlessness with a firm orthopedic mattress is bound to result in a restful slumber.

Prevents and Reduces Body Aches
A regular mattress might cause aching joints and muscles due to inadequate support during 8 hours of sleep or aggravate pain that is already there. An orthopedic or memory foam mattress on the other hand will prevent pain by preventing undue stress on the spine and back and even reduce pain by providing a firm support for the aching areas during the many hours of sleep.

Recommended by Doctors for Certain Orthopedic Conditions
Orthopedic mattresses are often recommended by doctors for certain orthopedic conditions that involve joint pains and back pain. Patients are said to benefit from firm physiological support during many hours of sleep with the use of orthopedic mattresses.